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  • Jane 🦌

Nominated for the MPSE Golden Reel Student Film Award!

It was an absolute pleasure to be a nominee for the Verna Fields Awards for Student Films, as part of the 67th MPSE Golden Reel Awards, for my work on the short film The Tower!

The nomination was announced on 17 December 2019, and I am among the 8 lucky teams to be nominated for this prestigious award.

Attending the awards ceremony in Los Angeles was incredible, it took place on 19 January 2020 and I got to witness all the glitz and glamour Hollywood has to offer! So grateful for the MPSE for organising a tour of Warner Bros Studio in Burbank, where we got to see the post-production facilities, the legendary mix stages and foley stages, as well as the classic tourist destinations including the sets of The Big Bang Theory and Friends.

I'm so grateful that my work and effort was recognised and thank you to the MPSE for the amazing honour and opportunity!


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