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  • Jane 🦌

Peach Paradise is out now on Still Watching Netflix!

So excited to share that my latest work is out now!

Peach Paradise is a documentary produced as part of the Netflix Documentary Talent Fund, which follows the story of ShayShay and The Bitten Peach - the UK’s leading Pan-Asian cabernet and drag collective, dismantling race and gender stereotypes in their biggest show yet.

Such a thoroughly enjoyable experience working on this, especially with the wonderful director Shiva Raichandani, and the incredibly talented Rushil Ranjan who composed the film’s epic, heart-warming score.

I've learned so much in the process and challenged myself in creating a slick, impactful sound design which matches the glamorous visuals (the work of DOP Darius Shu). In particular rising up to meet the challenge of slow motion sequences, these epic shots require extra special sound treatment 💪

A great experience mixing it in 5.1 and to learn and follow Netflix specs, had a delve down the guidances and best practices to hit the loudness and LRA targets! Very satisfied with the results and with the final delivery of stems and M&E

Watch Peach Paradise now ⬇️⬇️


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