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  • Jane 🦌

'Hong Kong Odyssey' Sound Effects Library Out Now!

Super excited to be putting out my first sound effects library - Hong Kong Odyssey - on A Sound Effect now!

This is a really special collection of sounds I've recorded in Hong Kong, at the beginning of this year (2023). I've tried to capture a bit of everything in the city, from heavy traffic on the main roads to quiet birdsong in the countryside, to create an all-rounded library with a wide application. More importantly, I've recorded sounds that I think are iconic to Hong Kong and represent the sonic identity of my hometown. I really enjoyed recording the tram, the MTR and various sports and activity in Victoria Park, these sounds are sure to trigger nostalgia from a Hong Konger!

Please head over to to check it out now, and I would really appreciate any feedback if you've purchased or used it in any of your projects!


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