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    on the subject of; concerning.

    "I was thinking about you"

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I'm Jane!


Apart from an admirer of natural landscape and an appreciator for good food, I am an aspiring sound designer for film, television and all sorts of moving images.


I spent almost three years in a socially recognised institution called a university, studying the works of great filmmakers and then feebly tried to recreate them. Having dipped my toes in various mediums such as short films, documentaries and animation, I have recognised how these forms of light and sound arranged in a specific order can have a plethora of effects on the human mind. Whether it is delight, fear or boredom, there is great power to be harnessed.


Ever since creating music on a first-gen MacBook on Garageband when I was 10 (ish), I have been propelled by the fascination of the electronic representation of sound, and its non-linear manipulation. Since then, I have improved my skills in embarking on many projects, and learning different softwares as part of my tuition or a desperate cry to Google for help.


I feel fortunate to have learned in a film-school environment because it gave me the chance to gaffer, edit, colour grade etc. Understanding the ingredients and recipe for making films makes one realise that sound is only a part of the bigger picture. The sonic element alone cannot account for its own effects, rather it's the collaboration with everything else that matters.

Short cuts! Time is money, and this is especially true in the post-production world. Streamlining and speeding up one's working methods is my goals, I'm all about finding the quickest/shortest way around a supermarket to pick up all my groceries. Whilst working as an Assistant Sound Editor, I saw the importance in efficiency and reducing redundancy in keeping a large sound team a well-oiled machine. Templates, folder structures and file names are essential but often overlooked.


Running into problems is really the only way of learning how to solve them, and with this mindset I am venturing out into the world hoping to find newer and more exciting problems to solve. Whether if it's "this recording has too much background noise", or "fix this bad film with sound", the challenges in this field are endless. 


So hand me your sound challenges and I will try my best to meet them. Or we can just chat about it. (please, if you're feeling down, know that half of our planet is always under the sun)


All the best,



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