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Short, Documentary

Dir. Riad Arfin

Runtime: 13 mins

Sound Designer

When a Bangladeshi man moves across the world to be with his partner in the UK, they discover the unforeseen costs of following your heart. In “A Border Between Us,” Director Riad Arfin explores his personal experience of being in an interracial relationship and trying to settle in a culture very different from his own; between visa rules and cultural norms, is it possible to find a place to call home that works for them both?

Directed by Riad Arfin
Produced by Charlotte Hailstone
Editor: Becky Mason
Composer: Adrian Leung
Dubbing Mixer: William Aikman
Colourist: Irene Sanchezmartos, Stephen C Horne
Exec Producers: Flore Cosquer and Mark Thomas

Premiered at Edinbrugh International Film Festival on 19th August 2023

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