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For me, making music is a truly relaxing activity, trying to recreate the sounds in my imagination and sculpting them meditatively to create harmony. Every track is a melodic adventure and a journey across different styles and moods.

DIVIDE (2019)

A drum-driven track with experimental synth elements, the melody is pushed by progressing strings chords which takes you on a journey. Imagine a dark pine forest in the break of dawn.

Inspired by Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy.

NEON MOON (2018)

Electro-jazz track characterised by a sitar-sounding synth melody. A playful bassline that keeps the track feeling optimistic and lively. Imagine bright stars and colourful constellations, a shooting star or two... 


Stripping away the song's original instrumentation, this is a funk remix of the melancholy song. With wah-wah guitars and slap bass, this remix gives a totally different colour to the Gotye track.


*This is a fan remix (unofficial remix!)


An early track of mine, this track is driven by a simple saw-synth bassline, which progresses into a full-scale James Bond theme tune. With strings, brass, guitars, it's an epic anthem for a modern adventure.

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